Introduction to Brush

AoQun Brush provides brush-based solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. AoQun brush products have reduced costs in manufacturing processes and improved the performance of our customers' products. Our brush can be found in a range of applications, including shielding on machine tools, guides on conveyor systems, cable management and air seals in electronic cabinets, sweeping applications in turf care and much more. We manufacture each type of brush in a variety of sizes, construction materials and filament types and diameters.

Our brushes and holding systems can be custom designed and manufactured to exacting specifications to meet your specific needs. To meet the requirements of this broad range of applications. Each type of brush has its own unique characteristics that make it the most suitable for an application.

Our Solutions

Our Strip Brush (metal-backed) is available in the broadest range of brush sizes, construction materials and filament diameters. Our standard strip brush includes galvanized steel backing with nylon filament. Stainless steel construction is also available as well as a large variety of filaments in synthetic, natural, conductive and metal.

Brush Holders in anodized aluminum, stainless steel and polypropylene. We can form brushes and holders for precise mounting in your application and provide mounting holes and finishes to your print specifications. Some of our formed products include internal and external spirals, coils, arcs, cup forms and lever seals.

Staple Set (sometimes called punch brush) in a wide variety of filament and filament patterns, substrate materials and designs, including strip, cylinder (radial), disc, head (goblet) 。 and block (lag). Substrate, filament materials and designs are chosen to best meet your application needs. Substrates can be custom-shaped to your drawings from materials such as nylon, polypropylene, HDPE, wood and more. Filament choices include nylon, polypropylene, horse hair, and more.

Application support from our team of experienced sales representatives and in-house engineers help you identify the exact construction, filament and material requirements for your application.

For information on how to select the most appropriate brush construction and materials for your application, see Selecting the Right Brush in this catalog. Additional information is available on our web site at And, you can always call us to speak with a knowledgeable, experienced sales representative. See Contact Us at the back of this catalog.

Selecting the Right Brush

Several factors need to be considered to select the right brush for your application. Factors to consider include:
• Application Type: guiding, shielding, sealing, positioning, conveying, cleaning, closing gaps, static dissipation
• Environment: wet/dry, acid/alkaline/solvent, hot/cold, FDA requirements, direct sun light, static or EMI present
• Operation Cycles: heavy, medium, light
• Physical Properties: soft or aggressive filament, synthetic/natural/metal filament, filament length
• Stationary or Kinetic: RPM, torque
When factors such as these are properly considered, selecting the right brush type, construction material, size, and filament for your application is ensured.

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