The modern life of human cannot leave the escalator, the security awareness cannot be losed at the same time. Maybe a lot of people will have some doubts about the escalator skirt brush. About the fuction of this escalator safety brush, some net friends heat diffused on microblogging recently. It said if the shoes dirty when you away from home, there is a buckshee “coup” for cleaning shoes—use the brush both sides of the escalator in each big shopping mall. As the escalator rises and falls, it can clean the dust uppers, “save time and effort”.Here, professional want to remind you: the brush on the both sides of escalator not use for cleaning shoes.


“The brushes was asked to install according to the national reauirement, its true role is stopping the foreign matter from rolling into the escalators”, those brush fu©ll name is “Escalator safety brush”, also called “Skirting anti-trap device”, a staff member of Mitsubishi Elvator Hunan Branch said, we donot recommend people use the brushes for cleaning brush with the sake of convenience, in order to advoid the risk of pinch accidents.
According to the GB19899-2011,《Safety rules for the construction and installation of escalators and walkways》formal implementation on August 1st last year, it must install brush or rubber profiles anti-trap device ect. between the apron plate and the automatic step both sides of escalators moving walkways and bottom of handrails, outer cover should install the Anti-climbing devices.

According to the information, there are three hundreds escalators in London subway, they had been installed the safety brush since 1981,the pinch accidents rate of escalator rungs gaps on both sides was “0” from 1981 to 1995,14years.So we cannot ignore its importance.

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