At noon on January 29th, an 9 year old boy took the escalator in the city of Xidan, died accidentally. The boy’s head was stuck in the five layer to the six layer of the angle between the escalator.


People in the enjoyment of the escalator brought travel fast, comfortable at the same time, we also how to avoid in the floor, at the intersection of “scissors” dangerous “triangle”?

When people take the escalator and feel more convenient and comfortable, at the same time, shall we think how to avoid the dangerous intersection of triangular space.

On the order to improve the safety of ride, national quality supervision inspection quarantine department, the National Standardization Management Committee issued “manufacturing for escalators and moving walkways and installation specification” GB 16899-2011: hanging warning label will be replaced by the fixed tag anti-collision head device, mandatory in all escalator equipment. Between the escalator, floor crossing and intersection set or automatic sidewalks, should be set a height of not less than 0.3 metres and no sharp edge vertical flexible anti-collision baffle, located above the handrail, handrail and extends to the edge of at least 25 mm; if the distance from the obstacle and the escalator handrail center more than 0.5 meters, you needn’t install.


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