In order to reflect the company's corporate philosophy, rich employee amateur cultural life, edify sentiment, alleviate the staff working pressure, let employees to enjoy the nature and pleasant scenery, AOQUN give everyone a chance to relax completely. In the administrative department's efforts, choose a world-class tourist attractions for us, so we will go to Zhuhai Changlong ocean Kingdom tourism in November 7 and 8.

During the tour, sorry for the Inconvenience! If there is an emergency, please contact Miss Shi, email:gzaqbrushl@163.com, TEL: 13580380003 , or touch your exclusive sales consultants, we will deal with as soon as possible. Thank you for your support and trust!


Changlong ocean Kingdom full integration of rare marine animal, top amusement equipment and novel large entertainment, to create the world's top marine animal theme park, the largest recreational facilities, the most abundant and most imaginative. It has a number of the world or industry the most: the world's largest marine theme park; the world's first special design of large recreation facilities and precious animal area combining; Asia first flying roller coaster, the world's longest track; Asia first water roller coaster; the world's largest aquarium and acrylic glass; the world largest marine theme parade lineup, etc.


Wow ~ so exciting, we look forward to this trip!

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