Another new product has been launched in Aoqun Brush (Flour Roller Brush, also called outside roller brush.). It is used for powder coating in food machine, brush continuous rolling in the machine, filter the flour evenly within 60 seconds and then coat a layer evenly flour on the food surface, the machine work with the brush 6 to 12 hours one day and we do the brush cleaning everyday. ROLLER Because the flour roller brush is used in food industry, our company do the following supplement base on our internal strip brush quality standard:

    1. The product is not allowed to contaminated with rubber crumb impurities such as iron filings and all the oil.
    2. Brush spring coil and aluminum pipe joint with clearance to protect aluminum pipe to be rusted from flour residue.
    3. It is without loss when trying to pull one filament of the brush material with hand, pulling three brush monofilament in the same plane with tension meter (pull >4kg).

The flour roller brush produce with the pure nylon material, has good elasticity, strong flexibility, passes food-grade SGS standards and ROHS and SVHC tests, let you assured to use.QUALITY Our company completed this new product (flour roller brush) with advanced equipment and perfect technical management as fundamental, we attentively complete each product to meet your unmet needs. 574687 Author: Guangzhou Aoqun Brush Industry Co., Ltd PS: For the pictures and article transshipment, please give references.

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