GuangZhou Aoqun Brush 4 days 3 nights travel to the beach was successfully completed, Now I would like to share with you the joy of our four days.
September 2- Aoqun family arrive early entrance of the company, every staff holding love breakfast from company.Go on the bus.


On the way to play games, get prize – Riddles, quiz questions, etc.
Joy and laughter everywhere,answer very active. 4-day journey began at this moment.

First Stop-Zhanjiang(Huguangyan)

Drizzle, crept silently falling forward, we reach the first stop national AAAA scenic spot [Huguangyan], here is the most attractive lake in the monster, the tour guide said that only officials who can see monsters Oh!

 The second station – Beihai a Long Silver Beach

The next day is the Chinese Anti-Japanese War and the World Anti-Fascist People’s War 70th anniversary of Victory Day, the day of a red in Wechat, can see the Chinese red flag day, the car executive.  Executives share us relevant knowledge in car moderator announced the commemoration began at Ten o ‘clock , 70 gun salute, flag, sing the National Anthem, we feel very excited and agitated, lunch we watched the parade together.
To the destination, still under a light rain, but not against our passion.A Long Silver Beach enjoys Chinese Hawaii, said the “long beach, white sand, soft waves characterized, with a mild southern climate delightful, enjoy the fun of Ocean Beach.

Dinner time Aoqun Brush held monthly birthday party for September birthday blessing partners, travel agencies have prepared a big birthday cake for us . I also met in September birthday was very happy!

The third station – zhapo (bighorn Bay natural beach)

“Oriental Hawaii, South Beidaihe” reputation of the [Big Horn Bay natural beach], we can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, sand bath, surfing fun, very fun, very exciting, coo!

 Fourth Station – Taishan Tigers Gap drifting Warriors

A few days ago the sun and the beach, surfing, sunbathing have had enough, and this day we come to a more exciting, “drifting”, make you thrilling, not of screams, when experience great fun drifting further stimulate you unlimited fantasy “Its torrent dashes down three thousand feet from high, ,”the secret feelings. Tiger gap warrior drifting.

This four days we bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city, not the work of pressure around us, only reflected the close teamwork between colleagues, laughter, enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature, completely relaxed play.

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