Few people has the sense to install door seal brush, and most of them think it is unnecessary. I have a deep feel about that matter. If we don’t install the seal brush, the chilly wind will steal in from the door slot. Do anybody feel that? What’s more, the cold dranght of the air condition will slip away in summer, and mosquito will swoop in. Now are you aware of the importance of the door seal brush?

door brush seal

The main function of the door seal brush is sealed, against dust/wind/insects, water proof,sound proof, and keep the temperature steady. AOQUN brush has meet the ISO9001:2008 quality management standard to product the qualified brush. The density of the brush filament is consistency and it give a sealing to the door, so that it can against the dust from outside, to keep tidy in your house. For the good sealing property and keep the temperture steady inside, it creates a confortable environment for you and save the energy quitely.

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