Guangzhou has sleeted in the first 67 years on 25th January of 2016 after many times failure beginning the winter. The tempertature had a precipitate drop on 24th January, however, it still can not stop our craving to work. All the colleagues and I helped the packing in product department in order to deliver the goods to the customers as soon as possible. Meanwhile, our general manager Miss Liu bring the OT colleagues some hot desserts on behalf of the company.

Packing is very technical, it needs us to be careful, patient and flexible.The brush should be grinded the ends, cut the filament, strapped, drilled the hole of the aluminum strip, installed, put in the box and sealed the box after made originally by the machine.Every process should be done according to the strip brush quality standard made by us internally.


Grinding: the aluminum strip is sharp after cut by the machine, it will hurt your hand if not be careful, so we need to grind it properly, and can not be excessive grinding.

Cut the filament: the proruding filament of the top and the sides should be cut and arranged in neat rows, should not be different in length.

Strapping: AO QUN has the unique packing techonoly to assure the intact without deformation in transportation.

Drilling the hole of the aluminum strip and installment: the brush strip will not loose or slide after install the aluminum strip according to the customers’request.

Packing and Sealing: assure the quality is accurate and protetion is reliable.

Thanks the new and old customers’ trust and support, AO QUN will try our best to deliver the goods to you all as soon as possible. The colleagues of the production department did not complain of the overtime work, and the office colleagues is very thoughtfulness to help the production. I thank every AO QUN colleagues and their efforts. We are all AO QUN people, our heart will go on with AO QUN. Let’s work together and create brilliant!2


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