The countdown of Spring Festival is beginning, everybody is busy preparing for festival. Recently, we have heard that some people came home by motorcycle and some by train or by bus, so it is rush hours these days. We are here to wish all of you enjoy your journey! And what are the AO QUN family doing at this moment? They finished their job before Chinese New Year, cleaned the offices and pasted the New Year scrolls.


There is a Chinese dialect said that we should clean our house on the 28th of lunar December (年廿八,洗邋遢). Tranditionally, we will all take a shower and wash all the dirty clothes on the 27th or 28th of lunar December, in order to get rid of the bad luck of last year and welcome the new spring of the next year. Therefore, we cleaned every corner of AO QUN office earlier to welcome the Festival.


The next step was to paste the New Year Scrolls which is one of our excellent tranditional customs. New Year Scrolls came from the peach wood charms. It is said that the monarch of Meng country, Chang Meng(孟昶) has suddenly come an idea to ask a bachelor Yinxun Xin to write two sentences in the peach wood charms at the end of New Year Eve, AD 964. Then he hanged the peach wood up on the door of the living room. This two sentences is “新年纳余庆,嘉节号长春”, the meaning is that we enjoyed the grace of our ancestors and the festival indicated the spring is everywhere. This is the first New Year Scrolls in our country, it means to get away from evil and disaster,furthermore, wish good luck. We helped each other to arrange the jobs. Some colleagues paste the glue on the New Year Scrolls, some paste the New Year Scrolls on the door. We finished it quickly. The red New Year scrolls make AO QUN in a warm festive atmosphere. All of us finished our job and go home to get together with our family to welcome the Spring Festival.

Here, AO QUN wish all the manufacturers, customer and colleagues happy Spring Festival of Monkey year! We wish everything goes well with you in 2016, good luck and good fortune!



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