Guangzhou AO QUN Brush Industry CO.,Ltd held the 2016 New Year Dinner and Annual Planning Startup Meeting in the afternoon on 27th February, 2016. The annual dinner is wonderful, both serious and relaxed. We summarized the past and planned the future. We are ready to create the brilliant career for AO QUN in 2016!
Spring is the best time to do the yearly planning, every one of AO QUN should make their plan carefully each year. This year was no exception, the managers have made a decision altogether that the strategy of 2016 is “ Treat people with sincerity, work hard with your heart, qualified, standardized and efficient”. We will focus on five key points as “Result-oriented, Dedication to work, Reduce Costs, Go deep into work, Promote development” to carry out our work in 2016.



The annual dinner began in the Chinese song “A world in love”which sang by the all the office staffs.


The Presenters


Every department showed their ambitious by announcing their vision and planning.

Then there are majestic team show of every department. Success is based on our hard working and sweat. AO QUN has many excellent teams who union as a family and make every effort to work. They are sincere and cooperative. They will surely perform more outstanding in 2016.


The party was beginning in the inspiration of the leader. It was so exciting of the talent show by our AO QUN family. Other than has excellent working skill, AO QUN family also have the gift for acting. The first show was performed by the colleagues of production department, the Chinese song “friends”. We rely on our parents at home, rely on our friends outside, and we also need to get support and help from our friends in works. All the AO QUN family were singing when we were touched by the song.


February is the season for flowers blooming and imagining. We celebrated the birthday for the colleagues who were born in February. The celebration will be held every month, for AO QUN remember every family’s birthday, and give best wishes to them.


The second program was the crosstalk “Cherish the time” by the foreign trade department. It let us laugh a lot.


The third program was the comedy sketch “A Fool’s Job Interview” by administration department. It was rewarded with a generous belly-laugh.


The forth program was a Chinese song “Departure Station” sung by a colleague of production department. The experts hide around us, the singer hides in AO QUN. We wanted to listen more for the singing was so brilliant.


The fifth program was the opera “Love” performed by e-commerce department. The opera mixed up with several songs with different styles, the actor were singing and dancing. It was so vivid, both funny and lovely.


The sixth program was the comedy sketch “Local tyrant, let’s have a blind date”. The actor and actress appeared with the song of Chinese TV Show of blind dating, it was so humorous, and the female palyed the actor’s role, the male played the actress’ role. The audiences could not stop laugthing.


We also played games and had lottery, every one played and ate, enjoying themselves, the atmosphere is so high that night.


All of us played a game so called “how many bowls of noodles” as the end of the party, meanwhile, the wonderful Chinese song “Love the family” was arounded. How happy time flies, let all the AO QUN family go bravely to 2016, create the AO QUN career in 2016!

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