I am unfamillar with the 19″ network Cabinet when the customers have quotations for it, especially for the meaning of 1U/2U. To avoid to be speechless when I am talking with foreign customers, I did some research about it, Here I want to share with you.

U(The acronyms of Unit) is the unit of the external dimensions of the racks. The specified size is defined by the EIA(Electronics Industry Association) which is the industrial association in America. 1U=44.45mm, the width is 48.26cm(19inches) and the height is the multiple of 4.445cm. The standard network cabinet is 19 inches, and the height is the multiples of 4.445cm, therefore, 1U is 4.445 cm in height, 2U is 2 times of 1U, 8.89 cm.


AO QUN can provide you with all kinds of cabinet door seal strip brush with easy and fast installtion to all the nework cabinet, especially for 1U/2U nework cabinet in common use. We designed the door seal strip brush for the standard EIA-310-E openning. It is air excluder, dust proof, hot and cold insulation. And you can customize to be flame resistant.  AO QUN guarantee the use quality of the brush.


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