Human being require higher and higher as the society development.

The design of computer desk is different from before with the more and more advanced computer equitments. You may notice a plastic grommet in the conner of the computer desk as a opening for the wire to go through, which is connecting with the screen and computer host, we called it grommet. You may see the grommet is installed with strip brush(Grommet Brush). The grommet is beautiful and sealing with the grommet brush, moreover, the wire can go through freely.

Meanwhile, the grommet brush will be installed in the conference desk, raised access floor(is used in computer room). There are many data wires and electric wires under the floor of computer room. The grommet brush can not only dust proof and water proof, but also can prevent the cold air to flow away. It can raise the cooling efficiency of the air condition, and procect the electric wire to be destroyed. What’s more, the grommet brush is durable, and to protect us for falling, also let the floor to be neat.


AO QUN can provide you with all kinds of grommet brush for you, and offer you a complete solution for your smart home. You can customize your own brush including the specification, the size and the shape. Pleace contact us for more details.

Grommet Brush

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