How we can live without internet in this imformation explosion modern society? But we are disturbed by the intertwined cables of audio, internet, video output and power cord when we try to manage them. Especially for the cables exposed on the ground, it can easyily be destroyed by oxidation or trampling. Moreover, it is too depress to think of changing the cables every few months.

Don’t worry about the cable managment, the brush wall plate is a good cable keeper for you. Usually, we will hide the cables inside the wall, then we need to install the brush wall plate as the cable access and entry. The tiny strip brush should be embed in the brush wall plate thus it can be well draught excluder and allow the cables entry.

AOQUN can customize any kinds of strip brush to match your brush wall plate, so your explored cables or wires will not intertwine together(Below pictures FYR). You can also require to add the flame retardant function to the brush for fireproofing and dust sealing.Brush Wall Plate Brush Wall Plate

AOQUN is a professional R&D brush manufacturer to customize all kinds of high quality strip brush of brush wall plate for you. AOQUN’s excellant and qualified product deserve your trust!

Hot Sales Strip Brush of Brush Wall Plate

Base Width(mm)*Side Height(mm): 5*5, 4*4, 3*3, 4.5*4.7
Filament Diameter(mm): 0.15/0.2
Base Material: Stainless steel, Electrolyzed, Galvanized
Filament Material: PP/PA/PE/PET/Animal Hair
Filament Color: Black, White, Transparenet or Customized
Filament Shape: Straight, Crimped, Cross
Filament Function: Anti static, Flame Retardant, etc.
Total Height: Customized
Total Lenth: Customized

Grommet Brush Brush Wall Plate

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