Recently, I have found some things that make me both happy and angry. It is that our pictures have been altered by competitors for their business use, and the pictures are actually watermarked with “AOQUN” Logo. I am so angry about the common plagiarism behaviors. The beautiful stolen pictures have spent us many days to complete. Not only the product pictures have been stolen many times, but also the picture of our company’s main entrance has been altered and post on Alibaba. The imitated picture is really funny and annoying (Please see below pictures). Anyway, I am happy about competitors’ recognitions of AOQUN, otherwise, they won’t anxious to imitate.

AO QUN will not hit by these plagiarism behaviors, we will try our best to create more and more beautiful pictures. Here we should remind our dear customers to recognize AOQUN Brush, the pictures are taken from our real production environment and our products. Welcome all of you to visit our factory for proven. And Thanks the thieves to promote AOQUN Brand in a variety of platforms. Meanwhile, we will retain the right to call to account. AOQUN Brush has been imitated, but never beyond!

Please see the imitated picture below for more info:

Product Picture:

BrushBrushBrush Company Picture:Brush

Study Case:Brush

Imitated Seller in Alibaba:Brush


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