Door bottom seal brush shows up in our daily life and solve the problem of our doors which have big gaps beneath the door bottom. Let’s see what are the shortcomings of the door gap.

Firstly, air leakage always occurs when there is door gap. It will make some trouble to clean the house when storm is coming in with dust and sand. What’s worse, rat can go into the house from door gap when it is more than 0.6 centimeter (equal to the width of a pen). It is unavoidably that the rat bites things in the house.

door bottom seal brush door bottom seal brush

Secondly, you may hear the noise through the unseal door gap, which affect your sleeping at night. Therefore, soundproof is the top priority for sleeping well. The door bottom seal brush can prevent dust, insects and soundproof!

Thirdly, the house may be not cool enough in hot summer, or not warm enough in cold winter, because the air leakage of the big door gap. It also reduces the effect of the air condition cooling and heating, which make us so tired and waste of electricity! So you need to install the door bottom seal brush with aluminum profile to greatly decrease the cool or hot air leakage as to save energy and protect environment.

door bottom seal brush

AOQUN door bottom seal brush has neatly cut the bristle, so the bristle will not be rugged, or different in length, so it will be more effective in pest control, soundproof, hot and cold insulation. It is so convenient that you can paste the door bottom seal brush on the door or drill hole on the aluminum profile and install it.

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