If you want your cows to produce good milk, you must make them feel relax and happy by massage. What’s the massager of cow? It looks like the below picture, let’s see:
roller cleaning brush The cow is cleaning and massaging by roller cleaning brush

You can see that the cow is enjoying the “massage” of the roller cleaning brush.

What’s the function of the “massage”?

The farmers said to me:” The cow like the massage very much, and it will be massaged everyday.”

The roller cleaning brush is also known as cattle brush, it massages when touch with the cow and rotates in all direction in the most comfortable speed of the cow, from the front to the end, from the back to side, to let the cow enjoy the thoughtful and comfortable massaging. The length and hardness of the bristle is just right for stimulate the blood circulation, keeping them clean and calm. The roller cleaning brush is not only to cleaning the cow, but also to drive the parasites away. The most important thing is to make the cow feel comfortable and completely relax, thus to improve the milk quality and production!

roller cleaning brush

roller cleaning brush

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