AOQUN rack cabinet brush strip is made of PP/PA, we suggest to use PA as brush filament for it is softer and wear-resisting, easy to back to the shape and cheaper than PP. The cabinet brush strip can add the frame retardant function as customer request with the choices of flame-retardant level of HB, V-2, V-1, V-0. The highest flame-retardant grade is V-0, which is in the most commonly use in server rack cabinet. AOQUN can customize brush of various length and height to suit the inside, bottom, top, framework of a specified server rack, and raised access floor of a data center.

Cabinet Brush Strip

I will show you the cabinet brush strip of TS/IT server rack cabinet( Below picture). TS/IT is the server rack model in common use, the frame should install with cabinet brush strip. The installation is convenience, you need not to cut the brush filament, either to cut it down. We will make the cabinet brush strip to 19” and specific length as customer required. The cabinet brush strip will be test according to AOQUN quality standard before packing. Only the neatly cutting and qualified cabinet brush strip can be shipped to customer. In addition, we can provide different holder including aluminum profile or plastic holder. The holder can be drilled holes as custom’s need or drawing. Our customer may need to install the cabinet brush strip with screw to fix position, thus it can easy to install on server rack.

Cabinet Brush Strip

Cabinet brush strip installed on server rack framework. (Ref. Rittal)


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