As me know, brush is the traditional labor tools from China. It is also the invention of the ancient Han people when they are working and producing. With the development of the human society, and the continue to sum up the experience, save the best, discard the worst, discover the new and dare to innovate, thus to improve the roller brush.

Do you know something about the roller brush? Let me tell you some new about it, please see below:


AOQUN has the strict brush technology for the roller brush as filament should be symmetrical, distributing evenly and twisted solid. Our roller brush is twisted by strip brush which is twisted on a shaft and make to be a cylinder. The sharp edges should be polished in order not to scratch the steel tube in installation.


roller-brush roller-brush

We have efficient and accurate technology and strict product acceptance criteria on roller brush. The brush filament should be symmetrical and smooth, no loose or droop, the tensile strength should ≥ 6KG ( cannot pull out the 5 filament in the same time).


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