The strip roller brush is also named as “brush roller”.

The shaft of the strip roller brush is made of three parts: metal and the brush base (the base is electrolytic plate, galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate) and the brush. Strip roller brush is mainly use in machinery, furniture and food processing machine and environmental sanitation. Depend on the material of the strip roller brush, the usage is different. The nylon strip roller brush is made of high elasticity and wear-resistant pure nylon, it is high temperature resistance and easy to restore. Therefore, it is in common use in food and printing industry. Can you guess how the strip roller brush use in food industry?

Beside the food cleaning, it can use like that!

It coated the food with the flour, so we called it “flour brush”.

Strip Roller Brush/ Flour Brush Application

The strip roller brush keeps rolling in the food machine, finish to filter the flour in 60 seconds and then coat the food with flour evenly. The strip roller brush work 6 to 12 hours per day. In food processing industry, it has strict requirements for food safety quality. So AOQUN has added the adjustment and supplement on our internal use <Strip Brush Product Quality Standard>. Our strip roller brush which made of nylon brush has good restoration and elasticity. It is authorized by FDA and also complied with ROHS and SVHC. You can certainly trust our strip roller brush.



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