When we are shopping, and pass the hotel and big shopping mall, you will see the revolving door, do you pay attention to the revolving door seal brush? I have noticed it, do you know why the revolving door is installed with revolving door seal brush?Revolving Door Seal Brush The revolving door will leave a door gap as other doors in order not the scratch the ground while open and close. The revolving door cannot be sealed thoroughly as using the rubber seal, otherwise, it will prevent the door from rolling. Thus, it is the best to install with the revolving door seal brush.

The revolving door seal brush has soft filament so it will not prevent the door from open and close. It can seal the door to anti insects, prevent hot and cool air leakage, thus saving electricity to protect environment. What’s more, it can stick the dust when the revolving door open and close to clean the ground. In addition, it is installed in the frame of the revolving door to protect the children from pinching their hands, as they cannot put their hands in the gap between the door and the frame.

Revolving Door Seal Brush

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