In food industry, some fruit should be pitted during the fruit process such as cherry, Chinese date, plum and so on. Recently, we received a request from a food processing company. They hoped to use our internal ring brush in their cherry pitting machine. I know that the internal ring brush can be used on cleaning or drilling, but I cannot imagine that it can be used on pitting machine. Actually, what role do the internal ring brush play in the pitting machine?

Internal Ring Brush

The internal ring brush is a part of pitting machine that place in the bottom of the cherry, and bear the weight of the cherry. The center of the internal ring brush has a small circle which is bigger than the cherry pit to allow the pit to pass through. When the pitting machine is working, the pitting shaft, just like a chopstick, goes through the cherry vertically . The pit is poked out and drop from the hole of the internal ring brush to go into the cherry pit container. The pitted cherry will be separate out for further processing.

The function of the internal ring brush is to bear the weight of the cherry and separate the cherry and the pit out. Because of the nylon bristle of the internal ring brush, it will not damage the pitting shaft, either to destroy the cherry, and keep the cherry to the original shape.

Internal Ring Brush

The internal ring brush produced by AOQUN reached the need of the customer for the requirement as the 0.3 mm diameter nylon bristle should be flexible and strong, also not easy to deform. For the customer has feed back to us that the nylon bristle is easy to deform. They have used the 0.1mm nylon bristle for 20 hours testing, and the nylon bristle has deformed completely. Our 0.3mm diameter internal ring brush did not deform after long times’ working. In addition, our brush base is made of stainless steel, thus, it won’t rust if some cherry juice attached on it. Therefore, it has longer service life.

The pitting function is eye-opener. And you can not imagine how many function of a little internal ring brush. AOQUN’s internal ring brush can also use in lifeline cleaning. Other applications are waiting for our explore! Welcome every customer come to consult, all of you well make AOQUN to know more, and develop more good quality brush products!

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