Recently, a customer of door industry find us and hope to use door brush to replace EPDM. We customized a door brush according to the customer’s aluminum profile.

Let’s know the features of the EPDM, it is ozone resistance, heat resistance, anti-aging and corrosion resistance. Before the EPDM is the door standard configuration. After a long-term use, it is found to have short service life. Therefore, many door industry customer want to change the EPDM to door brush (strip brush) to server different customers’ need.

door-brushMounting with EPDM                         Mounting with Door Brush


Customer does not want to change the shape of the aluminum profile but to replace the EPDM to door brush. As above shown, the hole of aluminum profile is round shape, and ordinary door brush aluminum profile is rectangle with angle. If we put the door brush with rectangle base into the round shape H type aluminum profile, it will have large gap between the door brush and the round aluminum profile. Thus, we design a kind of door brush, which has round base to suit the round shape H type aluminum profile perfectly.

door-brushAfter sending the sample to the customer, we get a satisfied reply. AOQUN develop PP/PA filament independently. Our door brush has all the advantages of the EDPM, also has long service life. In addition, door brush can reach 98.5% of sealing performance, when EDPM only has 40%. No matter smooth surface or curved surface can be mounted with door brush. If you want to find door brush, please come to AOQUN, we can provide you with satisfied door brush solutions!

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