Believe it or not! There are brush strips everywhere in the data center. I have introduced the brush strip which installed on the server, the frame, the top and the bottom of the rack cabinet. There is a kind of brush strip being installed on the network distributor.

Below shows the brush strip with the aluminum profile which install vertically within the network distributor. The length of brush strip should reach at least 75mm of the mounting level. It will generally be mounted at the side on the vertical frame section in TS, IT. The brush strip is just like a flexible infill panel to let the cable rout from the side and rear to the front connection level. It is both beautiful and keep the low temperature inside the server cabinet.


The brush strip with aluminum profile in TS IT(REF. Rittal)

We will offer the vertical brush strip with aluminum profile, and drilling hole or cut down in specific length in accordance with the requirement of customers.


AOQUN Brush focuses on producing all kinds of brush strip using in server rack, data center, access floor. We have R&D filament to add flame retardants. Our frame-retardant filament can reach the highest V-0 flame retardant standard. AOQUN brush strip has reach the UL94 V-0 standard and complies with the ISO9001 quality management system. We have become the long-term cooperation brush suppliers for Totem and Huawei in China, etc. Want to customize server cabinet brush strip, come to the professional AOQUN!

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