In our daily life, polishing brush has contributed to make the vehicle, furniture of home or office, jewelry, etc.

It mainly does the work as deburring, de-rusting and fine polishing the surface of metal, glass or other objects. If we don’t have appropriate polishing brush, it will slow down our efficiency and extend the polishing working time. Choose the right polishing brush to raise the efficiency.

polishing-brush AOQUN Polishing Roller Brushes

The material and function of the polishing brush:

  1. Nylon Filament: it is used for polishing PCB surface, galvanized sheet pickling line, deburring and polishing the metal, etc. It has good features for acid and alkali resistance, also wear-resisting.
  2. Bristle Filament: make for bath brush or polish precious object, such as gold/precious stone/piano/hard alloy;
  3. Metal wire: wear-resisting for metal surface deburring;
  4. Sisal: firm and high temperature resistance, so it is used for cleaning pot or remove the oil


Making polishing brush is a high technology. AOQUN has quality standard for the polishing brush:filament symmetry, distributing evenly and twisted solid, no bend or open hole of the brush base . We can give you the 99.999% product quality assurance. AOQUN has the quality criterion for brush: high standard, high quality, and create the more satisfaction product for customers.

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