Shutter door is generally used as garage door. Since the shutter door is curved and rugged, it should be mounted different garage door seal brush aluminum holder in different position of the door frame.

The bottom of the garage door is usually installed H type garage door seal brush, the door frame is better to choose F type or irregular shape(As shown below). When you want to buy the garage door seal brush, you can tell us the mounted position, so we can provide you with the ideal garage door seal brush to ensure the seal ability.

garage-door-seal-brush garage-door-seal-brush Some people will use rubber seal to replace the garage door seal brush for saving cost. But the seal ability of the rubber seal can just reach 40%, the garage door seal brush can reach 98.5% compare to the rubber seal. No matter door of smooth surface or irregular surface can be mounted with the garage door seal brush. In addition, it will not drop after many time open and close.

garage-door-seal-brushAOQUN has R&D the garage door seal brush with good quality PP/PA and various shape of aluminum holder according to the customer’s need. Our garage door seal brush has comply with many certifications of the third party. The picture can speak the turth, please see the picture below. Quality is AOQUN’s life. Customize all kind of garage door seal brush, there should be one kind for you!


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