The raised access floor is called as fabricated floor or fake floor for it forms a bottom overhead space between the ground and floor. This design not only let the cable and electrical wire access and out, but also form the static pressure air flow for the air condition with setting the appropriate air vent. All the cable and electrical wire should have outlets to get out from the raised access floor, the brush grommet plays an important role in sealing the air vent of the raised access floor.


The brush grommet can help you to hide the messy cable and wire which can go through the raised access floor freely by passing the raised access floor. Beside the aesthetic need, the brush grommet can also be dust proof, anti-fog, pest control, anti-rodent. The biggest advantage is let people not to touch the dangerous wire.


AOQUN brush grommet is made of flame retardant nylon bristle and comply with the third party certification such as UL94 V-O flame-retardant grade. Our filament is safe and reliable, worth you choice!

brush-grommet brush-grommet

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