Have you ever notice the vacuum brush brought from the shop? The clean capability may decrease after using for some times. Don’t you think it is because of no maintenance?

Let me tell you how to maintain the vacuum brush for longer use.


After we used the vacuum brush to clean the floors, sofas, beds, walls and the ceilings, we should not put it aside without cleaning the dust until it is full. You should not take the vacuum so lightly if you want to use it for a longer time. Actually, there are much dust and other minor things attached on the vacuum brush when you clean it. Here, I teach you a method to clean the vacuum brush thoroughly, please see below!

Maintenance notes:

  1. Do not clean the vacuum brush in the opposite direction;
  2. After cleaned the vacuum brush, please press the vacuum brush lightly by your finger to let the water discharge, do not twist the vacuum brush, or the filament will be easy to be destroyed and droop off with loose construction;
  3. Hang the vacuum brush and the filament is downward to dry;
  4. Dot not dry it by hair dryer or under the sunshine for the dryer or sunshine will make the filament deform and affect its cleaning effect.

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