I have found the cable brush mounted on display table in the business hall of China Mobile recently, the display table cable brush is the same as what we have seen on the office desk.  please see below picture:

display-table-cable-brush The business hall always display the new mobile phones for customer watching and playing. But the mobile phone need to be charged after being displayed for a whole day or half a day, since tens of mobile phones should be charged, it also need tens of the USB cables. If all the USB cables are put on the display desk, it will look messy and unconformable. For the aesthetic requirement, the display table cable brush will be inserted in the display table to hide the USB cables or electrical wires under the display table to make the table look clean, neat and beautiful. In addition, the display table cable brush has the other functions as dustproof, anti-rodent, pest control and protect the cables and wires from damage.

display-table-cable-brushWant the personalized design for the display table cable brush, please come to AOQUN for customize the specification, such as color with provided the color code, we can make any color display table cable brush for you, also including various shape of aluminum profiles.

Display Table Cable Brush

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