Travel, is not just the appearance of employee benefits, but also the reflection of team work and group cohesion. Guangzhou AOQUN Brush Industry CO., Ltd. has begun the annual trip on 2nd of November for three days journey in Shenzhen.

Respond to corporate culture to let employees go out to broaden their horizons and feel different things, thus to relax from tired and pressure of work, our administrative staff has chosen the well-known travel agency and arranged the star hotel and restaurant, hoped we can eat well, sleep well and enjoy the journey.Actually, the journey was so wonderful that we did not want to leave! I have heard our family said “It will be great if I live in the hotel everyday”. Actually, the journey was so wonderful that we did not want to leave! I have heard our family said “It will be great if I live in the hotel everyday”.aoqunAlthough the road is far, we will reach when we go. Although the thing is difficult, we will be successful when we do it. No matter how big the difficulty is, we can encounter it finally. Wish us to have a better life with our efforts! Come on, family! I will show you more beautiful pictures:aoqun2The happy journey started with singing in the tour bus. Our first stop is Shenzhen Window of the World and Shenzhen Lotus Park.

AOQUN family enjoyed the world’s famous scenes and feel the exoticness by seeing the models: the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe of France, the Leaning Tower of Italy, the Taj Mahal in India and the Egyptian Pyramids. I felt like traveling around the world.

aoqun3aoqun4Later, we climbed and reached the top of the Lotus Mountain to view the prosperous and active city and feel the outcome of the reform and opening-up policy which applied to Shenzhen.aoqun6aoqun5The second stop: Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Grand Canyon

After enjoyed the prosperous of Shenzhen, we lived happily in the waterfall hotel of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town to feel the static and dynamic Grand Canyon.aoqun7Why does it combine with dynamic and static sceneries?

We got every scene at a glance on the static waterfall behind us.aoqun8We took the tour bus to the mountaintop. In order to see the beautiful scenery, we went leisurely through the glass plank road of hundreds of meters’ height.aoqun9aoqun10The dynamic things were the adventure games on the mountaintop, such as the air flywheel. And the wooden roller coaster or the surfing, which brought us pleasure and excitement!aoqun11aoqun12The third stop: Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Tea Valley and Dameisha Beach

We went deeply inside the Tea Valley to enjoy the world of flowers, the culture of Chinese and Western, feeling relax and the peace of nature by getting far away from noisy of society.aoqun13aoqun14Finally, we went to the beautiful Dameisha Beach to go on a friendly and happy team game. It began with massage for each other. Below show the scenes of games:aoqun15aoqun16

Game 1, the teammate should try their best to give all the resources that the front-line teammate needs, such as 5 hats, 3 bottles of water, 1 coin and 5 shoelaces, etc. Pictures shown below:aoqun17Game 2: the flesh relay race, teammates should carry one of his team member to run a certain distance, until the last teammate finishes the task. The winner should have the shortest running time.

aoqun18aoqun19Finally, we finished this trip by the singing of the failed team : Power Team.aoqun20We went through the prosperous city to peace valley with happy and meaningful moments. Besides, we gained more love and help while playing games during this trip.aoqun21Travel is a self-discovery process that let us see the world and our position in the world. Our temperament has changed unconsciously by seeing the scenes which didn’t see by others, tasted the food which didn’t eat by others. I hope every employee can feel the charm of AOQUN team and work with team cooperation spirit, grow with AOQUN.

Last but not least, thanks for all the family, accompany us, with us! AOQUN is always here with you!


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