What is disk brush? It is not the spiral brush for brushing CD or disk, but the spiral brush only with single circle looks like a CD disk shape, which is in widely application. Let’s know some functions about it:

Remove the remaining lubricant, debris and waste on the product

Extend the service life of the mold by removing the sharp burr

Improve the surface finish by optimizing surface treatment

Increase the product adhesion

Chemical Cleaning


Besides, we discover a new application today: cleaning the lifeline.

First of all, it is very important to choose the right filament that is flexible and wear-resistant enough and special for lifeline cleaning. In addition, the inner diameter of the spiral brush is 0.5 mm, which reached the unprecedented limit of the brush industry. Meanwhile, the part of the brush filament intercrossed only has 0.2 mm gap, nearly no gap, thus the filament is dense with good cleaning effect. The lifeline can be cleaned and removed dust and debris thoroughly, as to keep the lifeline in the ideal condition and play an important role in using.


Various Models of Spiral Brushes:spiral-brushspiral-brushThe spiral brush can be customized according to customer’s need: exclusive mold for exclusive customer with high cost-effective


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