Good news: AOQUN people follow closely to the company quality policy: Keep scientific management, pursue quality excellence, improve effectively and continuously, enhance customer satisfaction. AOQUN weatherstripping brush can be applied to various industries. Another well-known customer sent us email with high approval for our colleagues of packing department. (Below is the original email)weatherstripping-brush Must click “like” to your colleagues of packing department for very good and careful packing all the time, so neat and beautiful!

Though the customer just said a few words, it gave us too much power! We have to pack it well. Why should the packing method pay attention to? Let me tell you:

For the weatherstripping brush works best in a place that can be seen in 360 degrees, we choose the tiny and soft filament PA with 0.2mm brush diameter. In order to ensure the good appearance and the request for need, also avoid the collision and stacking in long-distance transportation, our sales department and production technology department have communicated for packing solution…Weatherstripping BrushThe packing department tried to pack with different methods, once, twice…Finally, the new tiled and compart packing method meet the application requirement and keep the weatherstripping brush in shape, thus, got the approval and compliment of the customer.weatherstripping-brushAOQUN enterprise spirit is “Create the customer satisfied product”, and regard the “customer” as the most important. Think what the customer think to do every detail perfectly!

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