Do you have trouble selecting the suitable brush strip blanking panel?

Do you have trouble selecting the first quality brush strip blanking panel?

Do you have trouble selecting the trusted manufacturer for brush strip blanking panel?

Below will show you the content of selecting a cost-effective brush strip blanking panel:

brush-strip-blanking-paneFirstly, if you want to select the suitable brush strip blanking panel for your server rack, you should manufacture by size, for the customized brush strip blanking panel will be the best for your server rack and play an important role in sealing. Thus, when you provide us with the length and width of the slot of your server rack, we can make it to suit your sealing requirement.brush-strip-blanking-panelSecondly, you should choose the different filament per the environment. For example, you should choose flame-retardant filament for fire protection, choose the water absorption PA filament for anti-fog and save trouble. Therefore, before you customize the brush strip blanking panel, you should communicate with the salesman about your requirement and your environmental conditions for making the suitable product for your server cabinet.

AOQUN has more than 12 years’ experience for making brush strip blanking panel. We devote ourselves to do every detail perfectly and become the manufacturer of HUAWEI, KEXIN, SUNSEA, etc. Our brush strip blanking panel is reliable, welcome for consult!brush-strip-blanking-panel

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