Why the strip cable brush is the aesthetic hardware of the office desk and conference table? Let me tell you some details to learn it well:

The feature of the strip cable brush: it has a fan shape brush filament which can be mounted on the round grommet of the desk or table to seal the table, meanwhile, let the cable pass through without light leakage but serve the need of aesthetics.

1.AOQUN strip cable brush filament is neat without rugged or different in length, which has very good sealing effect and aesthetic.


AOQUN Standard Arc Brush                   Other brand is rugged and different in length

2.The cutting of the strip cable brush edge is round and neat which match the grommet perfectly without light leakage.strip-cable-brush                              AOQUN Brush without Light leakage                     Other brand is light leakage

3.The strip cable brush base is symmetric without rugged and vertical to the plane.strip-cable-brush                                           AOQUN Symmetric Brush Base            Rugged Brush Base of Other Brand

4.Our strip cable brush filament is made of 100% pure nylon bristle with electro-galvanized steel base, which comply with SVCH and ROHS.

5.Beautiful package to avoid the crash and press in the long distance transportation, that help to give you the original shape brush when good received.


AOQUN strip cable brush is your very first choice for first quality product, excellent service, steady delivery date, reasonable price.

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