This colorful flame retardant escalator brush has researched and developed, improved and produced by Guangzhou Aoqun Brush Industry CO. LTD. for more than two years, and since Jan of 2015, it has been mounted in Hong Kong Metro.

flame-retardant-escalator-brush flame-retardant-escalator-brush


This flame-retardant escalator brush filament angle is 20 degree with the feature of strong elastic and high flexibility. Besides, this global initiative colorful flame retardant brush conform to European standard (conform to international standard, such as A17, EN115, B44 of escalators safety regulation), reach to the UL-V0 flame retardant level. So when the brush catching fire, it will not produce black smoke like the traditional flame retardant brush, just only little white smoke. What’s more, it will not release the helogen elements (not the bromine flame retardants), so that it can greatly reduce the dense smoke damage to the crowd when the fire break out. In addition, the brush has adopted the internationally used warning colors — the bright yellow, not only eliminate the feeling of boring, depressed of black color, but also play a strong warning role to enhance the escalator safety protection warning and beautiful effect. Surely, this yellow color flame retardance escalator brush can produce base on your needed specificatiion, whatever brush base size and brush height, so even if you wanna replace the old escalators skirt brush, you may not need to replace your aluminum base, in this way, we can save the cost to a great extent. (conform to international standard, such as A17, EN115, B44 those escalators safety regulation)


AOQUN has independently R&D and produced the yellow bristle escalator brushes that comply with the CE UL-V0 standard.


AOQUN Flame Retardant Escalator Brush

We has reaches a supply agreement with the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corporation for the first time. What’s more, our flame retardant escalator brushes has been mounted in 2 escalator of the E3 and AE1 entrance of Kowloon Bay by Kone in March, 2015. It was also installed by other well-known escalator brand customers in Hong Kong metro station, such as central, Admiralty, Mong Kok, etc.  In 2016, OTIS has install AOQUN escalator brushes on the escalator of the Hong Kong metro station, such as Disney Station,Wan Chai, Hung Hom… Let us look forward to more AOQUN escalator brushes to install in everywhere around the world in 2017!escalator-brush-vs

AOQUN Flame Retardant Escalator Brushes which are installed on the escalator of HK Disney Station


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