The molding process of the internal ring brush must keep the curvature to be steady and uniform. The smaller of the diameter, the harder to do it. In order to design and create the customer satisfied product, AOQUN continue to study the production technology. As we know, the minimum outer diameter is 15.8 mm of the other manufacturers, but AOQUN make the smallest internal ring brush with the outer diameter of 14.5 mm, smaller than 1 cent euro!ring-brushAfter receiving the customer request, we take action immediately. We have do the comprehensive analysis with the data and based on the customer’s need, and make sample for different diameter ring brush. Finally, we make the minimum outer diameter ring brush which break the brush industry technical limit.

Look at it carefully, you will feel the charm of the AOQUN ring brush. AOQUN ring brush base has no bend, no cracking port, very smooth and tidy without scratches. The brush filament is round and axisymmetric. (as shown below)ring-brushCustomer is very satisfied with our sample, and amazed by our production technology and thoughtful service. At the end, he order us 10,000 pieces ring brush.

AOQUN’s ring brush is not only meet the technical requirements, but also comply with many certifications requirements, including the SVHC, ROHS common international standard. Besides the ring brush, we can provide you with roller brush, internal roller brush and strip brush, etc.

Ring Brush

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