There is an old saying, focus on your specialty, and develop it. AOQUN provide a one-stop solution to solve and satisfy customers’ requirement. We continue to overcome difficulties in production of cable entry brush, never stop. Now we have created an innovation of cable entry brush!

The normal brush height of the cable entry brush is range 20-200mm. the filament diameter should be larger than 0.3mm if the brush height reaches 100mm, which can effectively ensure the cable entry brush will not droop in the natural state.


Now for the use requirement of the telecom industry, the gap between the server rack cabinet can be big or small, even more and more bigger. Currently, we received a customer’s inquiry that he wants the brush height to be 220mm, and keep the cable entry brush vertical in the natural state. As we know, if we don’t change the brush base, the brush filament is like the hair, droop when it reaches a certain length. More far away from the brush base, it will bend and droop more easily for it has weight. The biggest function of the cable entry brush is sealing and dust-proof, but the drooping of the brush filament will have gap and then affect the sealability.


For that, AOQUN has make a suitable cable entry brush production solution for the customer. We aim to keep the sealability of cable entry and continue to do research, choose the right brush diameter and brush length. Finally, our solution has approved and ordered by our customers, who amazed by the speed of making sample and shipping the goods. cable-entry-brush

Customer satisfaction is the pursuit of AOQUN. We meet and overcome difficulties in cable entry brush production, provide customer with more and more cable entry brush solutions, and solve brush problem for customers!


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