The brush seal strip is widely used in industrial door, platform screen door, bus door, server rack cabinet, furniture, etc, which plays an important role as sealing, dustproof, pest control, hot/cold/noise insulation and saving energy.brush-seal-strip The brush seal strip should be mounted in a variety of aluminum profiles for using. Many customers purchase brush seal strip and install it by themselves. I’ve heard that some customers’ feedback it would bend the brush filament when install the brush seal strip into the aluminum profile. They doubt it is quality issues. But AOQUN tell you, it is not the quality issue, but you need an installation tip.

In order to reach the better use effect and match the brush seal strip with the aluminum profile without looseness, you need some tips for installation, please see below:

First of all, use the mill knife to grind the edge of one head of the aluminum profile to get rid of sharp angles before installation.



Secondly, put the brush seal strip and the aluminum profile on the same horizontal level, insert the brush seal strip from the grinding head gently. You will see the brush seal strip will not only clog by the aluminum profile, but also easy to mount.

If you install the brush seal strip according to this method, finally, you will find the brush can be easy mounted into the aluminum profile. The brush seal strip will not slide away because of its own weight while the aluminum profile is vertical. AOQUN bush seal strip will be customized based on your requirement, it is reliable for use. Want more information of brush seal strip, you can continue to pay attention to AOQUN!


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