The nylon strip brushes have widely applications. However, have you seen the nylon strip brush that resist the high temperature up to 200 ° C? Last month, we produced the high temperature resistance nylon strip brush to a foreign customer with the request that the nylon strip brush sample should pass 3 strict tests. Please see below:

1.After the nylon strip brush should be baked in an oven at 200 ° C for 30 minutes, the shrinkage rate of the brush filament should be less than 5% when it is compared with the length of the sample nylon strip brush.nylon-strip-brush2.Burn with the flame (ISO-TR11925-1 standard) for 15 seconds as to burn the nylon strip brush completely. It should self-extinguish within 3 seconds.

nylon-strip-brushThe nylon strip brush burned completely.

nylon-strip-brushSelf-extinguish within 3 seconds

3.The standard UV aging test of Breville TYP P33 UV + IR 300W, IR 400W (electric power of a lamp): exposure the 100mm long nylon strip brush near the UV light of 200mm for 10 hours, the nylon strip brush should not be color fading and should keep steady structure of the material. The length of the curled nylon strip brush should be less than 5% length of the sample brush.

AOQUN high temperature resistance nylon strip brush can not only resist the high temperature, but also comply with the UL V-0 flame retardant standard and anti-UV. AOQUN nylon strip brush is qualified with first class quality! Hurry up to consult AOQUN for more information!

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