In addition to the strip brush of PA, PP brush filament, AOQUN can also produce horse hair strip brush, pig hair strip brush, wool strip brush, which have a wide range of applications. Have you noticed the horse hair strip brush under or beside the revolving door when you walk inside the hotel? The horse hair strip brush can seal the door and save energy.
horse-hair-strip-brushThe advantage of using a wool strip brush is very soft and the make the door mute when revolving. There are many customers who choose horse hair strip brush which is divided into two horse hair, one is the horse mane, and the other is horse tail. It also has two different color as the colorful horse hair, black horse hair. The horse hair strip brush has the good feature as antistatic and water absorption.

Last month, a famous brand customer was looking for revolving door horse hair strip brush manufacturer in China. The horse hair strip brush should pass 3 test items to serve their need. AOQUN is the last brush manufacturer to do this test. Finally, we are the only one brush manufacturer to pass the test in china after testing for more than one items of the test:

  1. The softness of the horse hair strip brush is close to the softness of the wool strip brush.
  2. Has the service life of more than 1 year.
  3. The edge of the horse hair should reach 90% or above uniformity and to achieve a good sealing effect.

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