Since our establishment, AOQUN brush industry has made high-quality products and good service attitude for every customer friends. We are welcomed by customers. Today I want to share a joy with you. AOQUN has got customers good evaluation by our efforts!


High Evaluation from Customer

The customer leaves a message: thank you for providing us with such a high quality brush strip nylon, which has been used in our production line for nearly two years. The dustproof function of the brush strip nylon are always good as before. Once there is a new demand, we will only choose your company, we don’t want to miss a good brush supplier!

Looking back at the design and development of this large-size brush strip nylon for the customer in 2015, our R & D department adjusted the produce process by changing the equipment parts to meet the customer’s special demand for the large size of the brush base. And the brush strip nylon used in the production line which the environment is bad, so the brush strip nylon needs to anti-acid and anti-alkali. We use the thicker 304 stainless steel base, which increase the difficulty of the brush production, and need to add a special process to ensure that the brush parameters are within the precise tolerance range.

The brush strip nylon specifications are as follows: 1mm thick 304 stainless steel base, bottom width 12mm, side height 15mm, high quality white nylon filament.

Brush Strip Nylon

The brushes are made of 1mm thick 304 stainless steel base which need to be added a pressing process to the normal brush forming process to ensure that the product specifications are within the permissible tolerances, while ensuring the tightness of the filament, extending the service life. Although the increase in the difficult and cost of production, we still not hesitate to do it, because we aim to create customer satisfaction products!

A hard work, a harvest! Our customer satisfaction with us is certainly our best return! AOQUN  can make a variety of brush, welcome you to customize with your drawing!


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