Recently, according to one report of GPP News (Global Plant Protection Network) said: It was found an insect – woodlouses hide in the commercial areas and backyard crops of the Australian metropolitan area during February and March this year. This insect will not only hurt the crops, food, but also intrude your house through some doors and windows gap. Besides it will hurt people, the intruder surely will make you uncomfortable. Then, how can we do?under-door-brush-strip

To prevent the invasion, AOQUN sends the under door brush strip to have a big battle with the louse. You can install the doors and windows with the under door brush strip, it will not hinder you open the doors and windows, but also play a sealed role as to prevent dust, pest control, noise proof, hot and cold insulation. Our under door brush strip can not only help you block the mosquitoes, but also help you to save energy!

AOQUN under door brush strip has various styles and applies to the home doors, the revolving door, the sliding doors, the automatic doors and other types of doors, you can custom under door brush strip with your drawing.

Under Door Brush StripUnder Door Brush Strip

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