We often hear some customers want to change their suppliers, one of the major reasons is the product quality. The customer will be surprised by the mystery of a small rackmount brush strip panel: why some of the rackmount brush strip panel will deform quickly, fade, lose filament, uneven, and cannot reach the effect of sealing and dustproof, hard to install and so on … …

In fact, these problems are closely related to the product quality of the rackmount brush strip panel. Some people think that the quality of the rackmount brush strip panel should not be important, as long as it can be used. You will find that you can not underestimate the quality of this small rackmount brush strip panel after you use it. Recently,a customer plan to purchase a batch of rackmount brush strip panel from us, he sent some of his previous samples to us. We immediately tested the rackmount brush strip panel after receiving the samples. The results are as follows:rackmount-brush-strip-panelrackmount-brush-strip-panel
When you received the rackmount brush strip panel, you may not find the problem. When you use this product, it will bring you a lot of trouble. You can easy pull out the brush filament. And the brush is easy to droop, thus the air can go through the server cabinet freely. Dare you use this product?

Let’s see the mystery of AOQUN rackmount brush strip panel

AOQUN is the first one to make the “Strip Brush Quality Standards” in the brush industry. The “Strip Brush Quality Standards” has been updated to the third version in December of 2016 with strict quality control from brush filament to brush base material, also the specification as well as the packaging and shipment. We revised the suitable “Strip Brush Quality Standards” according to customers’ need and applications. AOQUN has been imitated, but never been beyond!


AQOUN Strip Brush Acceptance Criteria

So, the mystery of the rackmount brush strip panel is as below:

1, Neat with the same cutting in length and height, to prevent 98.5% of the air leak, so the sealing effect is great!

2, AOQUN rackmount brush strip panel has gone through 1 million times back and forth friction test without any deformation. It has good wear resistance and longer service life.

3, AOQUN rackmount brush strip panel has fastened brush filament without losing filament, the tension of the rackmount brush strip panel≥ 6kg ~ 10 kg

4, The brush filament and brush base of the same batch has uniform color, thus the installation effect is more beautiful!

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