AOQUN always surprises the customers by helping them to solve difficulties. Today I want to share a technical breakthrough to you, we can make the height of the disk brush to reach 5.8 mm, which get the highly approval by our customers.disk-brushSome time ago, we received an inquiry that the customer said he encountered a very troublesome problem. He bought the disk brush from China three years ago, but he can not find the disk brush manufacturer now when he wants to order again. He has asked many manufactures, but not any one can make the disk brush height to be 5.8 mm with 0.1 mm diameter nylon bristle.

Our professional customer service received this inquiry, and communicated with the customer quickly. The customer sent us sample immediately from abroad and said: “I have try my best to find a suitable manufacturer, luckily, you are here waiting for me!”disk-brush AOQUN focuses on the disk brush technology research and development. According to the customer’s requirements, the sales department reviewed the contract immediately, also  discussed with the technical management department internally, and ask the suppliers to select the most suitable disk brush filament. We use the “Competent, standardized, efficient” and “mutual help win-win” to direct our work. Finally, we have made the 5.8 mm height disk brush successfully by the day when we received the customer sample. AOQUN can meet your unmet need, solves brush difficult problems for our new and old customers!

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