We are proud of the R&D spirit of AOQUN, who designs thousands of strip brush products for customers, and provide the strip brush solution to solve the customer’s troubles. Now I want to share a new strip brush to you all, the U-shape strip brush.

The workers will face the flying dust with long-term polishing or cutting work, which will cause great damage to the body. The serious one may suffer from pneumoconiosis. Even with a mask, the dust will intrude into the respiratory system with various way. Therefore, the effective way to prevent and control the dust, we need for a tool to reduce dust—dust cover with U-shape strip brush.

strip brushDo not underestimate this little u-shape strip brush, it plays a very big role in sealing. It also can give you a good effect. This strip brush is rotated by strip brush according to your dust cover tool, we called it cup brush or u-shape strip brush. AOQUN has strict brush quality standards: neat brush filament without no obvious light leakage, no distortion filament, no oblique filament, no filament loss, the sealing performance can reach 95%. While the strip brush is rotated, it still ensure quality, no droop, loose, deformation. You can see the following picture to know the effect of the dust cover tool with or without the u-shape strip brush.

strip brushThe u-shape strip brush can stop the dust from flying away. The dust is sucked away by the vacuum cleaner quickly while you are working. You will not work in a dusty environment, but in a clean and clearly visible environment. It can not only prevent excessive inhalation of dust, also can improve your work efficiency. Besides, it is not easy to cut wrong in clearer environment. Therefore, the quality of the u-shape strip brush will surely affect the usage of the tool!

AOQUN can provide the universal 115-125/180-230mm dust cover strip brush for dust shroud / dust cover on grinding wheel.

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