A customer inquired about a grinding rotating pumice brush for a cleaning equipment one month ago. He was distressed for the equipment factory does not provide the replacement of the grinding rotating pumice brush. As we all know that the grinding rotating pumice brush should be replaced when it is used for some time. Otherwise, the worn grinding rotating pumice brush will affect the polishing and cleaning. So the customers must find a suitable supplier of grinding rotating pumice brush as soon as possible. When we told the customer that we could design and produce the grinding rotating pumice brush according to his equipment. Our customer was very happy and immediately sent out his samples which is in use.

After receiving the sample, we immediately analyzed the product materials and technology. And then give a rapid response to our customer in the same day, confirmed the specifications of the design parameters, and give the corresponding quote price. Our customer praised us for our fast reply and professional service. He has signed with us for sample order soon.

AOQUN has completed the grinding rotating pumice brush sample in a week, as shown below.


AOQUN grinding rotating pumice brush quality standards:

1, The grinding rotating pumice is circular symmetry without bend or ringent brush base;

2, The brush filament is not loose, the tensile more than or equal to 4KG;

3, The brush filament distributes evenly and thick, no gap when see from the side.

High-density grinding rotating pumice brush has strong tension resistant to reach a better cleaning effect. Our customer has also praised AOQUN for the cost-effective grinding rotating pumice brush. He also said he will come to AOQUN to make brush later!

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