Guangzhou AOQUN Brush Industry Co., Ltd is the professional brush manufacturer with the fast development speed, strong comprehensive strength and high-end customers. We have established a long-term cooperation with many international well-known enterprises, such as Schindler, Kone, CRRC, ThyssenKrupp, Hitachi, Fangda, etc. Besides, CRRC and Fangda are the leader enterprises in railway industry, who have occupied over 50% railway projects of the railway industry annually. nylon-brush-strip

With the rapid development of society, there will be more and more investment for the trains and subway. The screen door of the high-speed train should choose the high quality nylon brush strip to be more effective without affecting the train running. I will introduce you the following requirements of the nylon brush strip for the screen door.nylon-brush-strip1.Recommended to use the flame retardant nylon brush strip: because when lit it, it will have the non-toxic white smoke, halogen-free, no drop, extinguish when away from the fire, and it passes through the UL-94 flame retardant test;

2.Then nylon brush strip should meet the ROHS environmental protection heavy metals 6 items, 10 items and EU SVHC highly concerned substances 169 detections;

3.The nylon brush strip filament should be smooth, neat, has uniform thickness, no pressure scars, no bend brush filament, no abnormal light leakage;

4.The brush tension should be greater than or equal to 5KG. it will not deform or lose filaments after 100 million times back and forth friction test.

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