We communicated with the world’s famous brands of seal brush industry from Australia this year. Our professional sales consultants have offered a strip bush seal solution after understanding our customer’s requirement. We have made strip brush seal sample and send to our customer. Later, we received a good new that our strip brush seal has complied with 3 high-quality tests after testing by the third party detection institution.

  1. The strip brush seal passed the UV aging test;
  2. The strip brush seal passed the high temperature test of at 200 ° C for 30 minutes without deformation, the shrinkage rate is less than 5%;
  3. It should passed the UL94 flame retardant test

Strip Bush Seal AOQUN strip brush seal has not only complied with the strict tests, but also custom new pressure rollers for production, and to print clear writing on the 3.6 mm wide electrolytic plate with the joint efforts of R&D department, technical department and production department.Strip Bush SealOur customer is very satisfied with our strip brush seal. He doesn’t need to worry about the product quality, delivery any more. The customer approval, the steady and continually reorders are the best proofs of our good products and services.


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