I believe that every company have ever received customer complaints, including AOQUN. A few days ago, we received a complaint from the customer of Australia. It is the problem that the flame-retardant brush seal strip cannot be mounted in the extra-long aluminum profile.flame-retardant-brush-seal-stripIn response to customer complaints, AOQUN immediately began to analyze and research. AOQUN has records for every production process, thus we can track the whole process from raw material to shipment. We analyzed the possible problems quickly and asked the customer to send us the defective flame-retardant brush seal strip for analysis. The customer approved our quick feedback and sent us the defective flame-retardant brush seal strip.

After receiving the defect flame-retardant brush seal strip, we compare the tolerance, size, appearance, performance analysis of the customer sample, and confirm the defective products are not AOQUN products. Our customers listen to our analysis and said: “This defective brush is for other suppliers. I am deeply apologized for bringing AOQUN troubles.

Let me show you the following picture for comparison:

1.Compare from the tolerance.

A. The customer required the total height of the flame-retardant brush seal strip is 100mm, but the defective brush is 107mm. However, AOQUN’ total height tolerance is +0.5 mm, -0.0mm.flame-retardant-brush-seal-stripWow! Do you see the total height comparison? The total height actually exceeds 7mm.

B. Our customer required the flame-retardant brush seal strip diameter is 0.4 mm, the defective product is 0.25 mm. AOQUN brush diameter tolerance is ± 0.02mm.flame-retardant-brush-seal-strip

Defective Product: The picture shows the defective product tolerance 0.15 mmflame-retardant-brush-seal-strip

AOQUN Brush: The picture shows the AOQUN brush diameter tolerance is ± 0.02mm

C. Our customer required total length of flame-retardant brush seal strip is 295mm, the defective products is between 296.5-297.5mm. AOQUN overall length tolerance is -0.5mm.flame-retardant-brush-seal-strip

The defective brush overall length tolerance is 2.5mm, so large that it will affect the installation and bring customers a lot of troubles. AOQUN overall length tolerance requirements is -0.5mm. It absolutely complied with the requirements of customers. The flame-retardant brush seal strip can be installed when it is received by the customer.

2.Contrast from the appearance

A. The drilling and cutting processing comparison of the Aluminum profileflame-retardant-brush-seal-strip

As shown in the picture, AOQUN uses the uniform punching machine, so the punching hole is smooth and round with the same size, no deform. But the punching holes of the defective product do not have the same size with deformation, the cutting is not neat.

3. Comparison of flame retardant properties.

The defective product has black smoke and doesn’t extinguish after away from the flame in 30 secondsflame-retardant-brush-seal-strip

AOQUN flame-retardant brush seal strip has white smoke and extinguishes after away from the flame in 5 seconds, which reaches the V0 flame-retardant grade.flame-retardant-brush-seal-strip



4. Tension test contrast.

The customer’s defective brush filament can be easily pulled out by hand. But AOQUN flame-retardant brush seal strip can resist more than 6KG tension in the internal quality test.

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