AOQUN is a professional escalator skirt brush manufacturer, our escalator skirt brush complies with China production standard (GB 16899-2011), A17, EN115, B44 and other international escalator safety standards.

This special color flame retardant escalator brush has researched and developed, improved and produced by Guangzhou AOQUN Brush Industry CO. LTD. for more than two years, and since year Jan. 2015, it has been installed into HongKong Metro escalators. AOQUN not only produces high-quality escalator skirt brush for the elevator/escalator manufacturers and elevator/escalator maintenance companies, but also offers considerate and high-quality elevator/escalator installation guide and after-sales service.
safety-escalator-brushLet’s teach you step by step to mount the escalator skirt brush simply.

The escalator skirt brush should meet the national standard, which has strict requirements on both the brush base specifications and the length of the brush filament. So when you customize the escalator brush, AOQUN pre-sales consultants will ask you the escalator camber and escalator height in order to make the curved transition profile to fit your escalator tension station and driving station, and to avoid to install the curved transition profile too high or too low. Otherwise, the escalator skirt brush can not play its role as protection with hindering the normal operation of the escalators.

Firstly, Installing the Curved Transition Profile

  1. Position the curved transition profile on the curved skirt panel
  2. Adjust the rear edge so that it lines up with the joint between the curved skirt panel and the first straight skirt.
  3. Keep the distance between the deflector profile and the escalator step as 25mm~30mm height(shown in the below picture)
  4. After keep the right distance, fasten the profile at the screw holes on the skirt panel


Secondly, Installing the Straight Deflector Profiles

  1. When the curved transition profile has been fixed, then install the straight deflector profile align with the curved transition profile, the installation method is the same as above.

Thirdly, Installing the Escalator Skirt Brush

  1. Cut the escalator skirt brush to fit the length of the deflector profiles
  2. Gently slide the escalator skirt brush into the deflector profiles


Fourthly, Installing the Deflector Profile Endpiece

After install all the escalator skirt brush, insert the stud of the endpiece into the deflector profile when align the other deflector profiles, firmly press in the endpiece.escalator-skirt-brush

AOQUN has various escalator skirt brush accessories. We help you calculate the use amount of each escalator skirt brush, custom the curved transition profile, including the drilling, screws, ends, gaskets, so you can install immediately when you get it.


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