Guangzhou AOQUN Brush Industry Co., Ltd is the professional brush manufacturer with the fast development speed, strong comprehensive strength and high-end customers. We have an unquestionable belief in the sustained growth and development of enterprises, we know the necessity of learning and charging. As the saying goes: One year’s plan is in spring. But for us, one year’s plan should be in winter. Winter is the best time to plan for the coming year. Later, the plans should be carried out in an orderly manner at the beginning of the year.

Hubei Qunyi the 155th integral points system management operation courses was held in Hubei Qunyi Industrial Park on 28th of November 2017. AOQUN’s CEO, Liu Xuanzhen, together with the company managers went to Jingmen to learn the Chinese points system management, as to push AOQUN to make sail in brush industry. With a thirst for knowledge, they devoted themselves to learning during the three-day learning process. After class, they each expressed their own opinions and made active learning and discussing the implementation plan of “integral point system management” until 1-2 am. They unanimously decided to set up point system management team and planned to hold the first meeting of the management team on how to implement integrated point system management on December 5, 2017.


The points management system is a quantitative assessment of people’s ability and comprehensive performance with points and deductions. The purpose is to mobilize people’s enthusiasm in all aspects and to convey appreciation and recognition. It is an innovation mode that makes management easy and staff happy.

At the same time, Hubei is supervisor Tan’s hometown. The growing up way should have you and me. By the right of this opportunity, our supervisor Tan returned to his hometown to gather with his family for sincere and enthusiastic exchanges with us. The trip to Hubei not only allowed us to learn the essence of “point system management”, but also to make our team more closely connected.

As long as our employees who dares to fight, dares to breakthrough, gets the good results with the responsibility, AOQUN will give them the best opportunity to use the point management model as a driving force for promote development, so that the outstanding employees can get the approval by their hard working. To maximize the potential to stimulate people and their advantages, casting more dynamic team!

I believes that as the young employees, we must establish the correct values, combine the realization of personal values with the development of the enterprise, and constantly cultivate the value orientation of the honor and disgrace “if AOQUN is prosperous, we are honour. AOQUN has a disgrace and we also have a disgrace.” We should develop with AOQUN.aoqun3

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